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The Drum School   The gig 2011


The Bridge Centre Music Project was launched in October 1992 and has since then become one of the foremost extra-curricular music providers in East Lothian.

The Project’s main aim is to teach various aspects of music production to children and young people regardless of their initial ability, stylistic preference or social or economic position.

The Project provides the facilities for young people to participate in music and receive tuition in a relaxed and supportive environment. Young people are readily given the opportunity to showcase their abilities by performing at gigs and are encouraged to express themselves by writing and recording their own music.

While based at the Bridge Centre, Haddington, over the years The Project has participated in a number of diverse projects and initiatives throughout East Lothian and beyond.


The Drum School
The drum school - go for it
the crowd at the gig 2011
The Gig 2011

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